Available Render Assets for Sale

Here, you will find the temporary home of my premade render assets that are currently being offered for sale. These items may be used for creation of book covers and other artwork.

The images below are preview files. Actual images will be delivered in PNG format, and range in size from 3000-6000+ pixels and varying widths/heights.

You may purchase image sets, or individual poses. To do so, please fill out the contact form below with the list of products you wish to purchase by name and pose number, including your paypal email address for invoicing purposes, and the delivery email address where you’d like the files sent.

Once you have submitted your request, you will receive an invoice via paypal within 24 hours. Once you have paid, the files will be delivered to your email.

All images come with a limited license. What does this mean? It means you-


  • Use each image purchased for the creation and completion of one project(if you use it to create a book cover for instance, you may use it for all cover, promotional, and marketing related artwork for that project, and that project only. The same would apply for artwork created specifically for the purpose of sale, whether directly or through a print on demand site. Only one use per image purchase.
  • Use each image for personal art projects, with unlimited reuse, ONLY AS LONG AS THE ITEM IS NOT BEING SOLD. If art created with my images are being sold or producing revenue through the sale of the completed art, refer to the rule above. Only one use per image per project.


  • Resell the unaltered images you purchase. You may not purchase and resell these images as they are seen. You must have customized and or created a new product with the images to sell them.
  • Share licensing rights. The purchased image and it’s usage rights cannot be transferred. You, as the purchasing party, hold the licensing benefits and are responsible for seeing that the guidelines are upheld. A license will be included in your purchase.
  • Claim credit for creation of the original render character. While it is not necessary to give credit to Merel Pierce Designs for the creation of these images, you may not claim that you are the original artist.

Clarence the Naga

Clarence the Naga Five Pose PNG Set – $7.00

Trevor the Demon

Trevor the Demon Five Pose PNG Set – $7.00

Henry the Orc Five Pose PNG Set – $7.00

Riggs the Centaur Five Pose PNG Set – $7.00

Order Request Contact Form

Please fill out this form to request an invoice for purchasing. You will receive an invoice within 24 hours of sending your request.